Thursday, April 26, 2007

Punch Fountain

On March 2, 2007, Susan defended her Dissertation titled, "Pyroptosis: Caspase-1 Dependent Programmed Proinflammatory Cell Death." Her outstanding presentation can be considered as such because:
  • No one in the seminar room fell asleep. (I was keeping tabs on folks, ready to wake them up should they doze.)
  • Susan thanked everyone in her lab with pictures and nice stories
  • One of her committee members offered an awkward hug when she came back into the room after the deliberation.
To entice folks to come to the after-defense party, we advertised that our rum-based wedding punch would be served. No one expected that it would be served in a punch fountain! The evening was nice. We should make time for more sunsets over Portage Bay accompanied by friends.

My favorite part about the whole deal is being able to introduce myself as, "the mister in Dr. and Mr. Fink."